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Puerto Rico Flag History

The Flag of Puerto Rico, and the flag history

Puerto Rico's official flag was adopted in 1952 (on the same day that Puerto Rico became a commonweath). The origins of Puerto Rico's flag are uncertain. There are two competing beliefs; some people think that it was created by Manuel de Besosa and sewn by his daughter, Mima; others think that it was designed by Antonia Velez Alvarado and made by Micaela Dalmau de Carreras.Click the following images for differnt sizes of Puerto Rico's flag

Puerto Rico flag has 5 equal horizontal bands of red and white (the top and bottom bands are red); a blue isosceles triangle anchored on the hoist side has a large white star. The red symbolizes blood, the white symbolizes individual liberty and the rights, and the blue triangle symbolizes the three branches of the republican government (and also the sky and coastal waters of this beautiful Caribbean island).

Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth associated with the USA.

3x5 ft Puerto Rico Flag - Polyester PE
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Puerto Rico Flag History